Images from February.

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Special delivery! February 1.

Ben likes to eat BIG portions. February 2.

With Triinu and Ian. February 8.

Enjoying a magazine. February 9.

All done. February 9.

Hello. February 12.

Giddy with delight. February 12.

Mama love. February 13.

Through the park, James, through the park. February 14.

Ben: "Grandpa Jerry, you are truly GREAT." February 14.

Having fun with Great Grandma Rhoda. February 14.

Jumpy McJump Jump. February 14.

"Father, this squash doth tickle my palate." February 14.

Delicioso! February 14.

With Dr. Laura D. February 14.

"I laugh because it's funny...really funny." February 15.

Crawling big time. February 16.

Elizabeth and Ben share a pear-eating moment. February 16.

Getting ready to fly for the first time. February 18.

Checking in at JFK. February 18.

Mom and Ben are flying companions. February 18.

At a house in Turks & Caicos. February 18.

Ben's private pool. February 18.

First sand. February 18.

At Sapodilla Bay. February 18.

Cruisin'. February 19.

Near Grace Bay. February 19.

Island dining. February 19.

"I'll start with the duck as an appetizer." February 19.

Ben is the rocket, mommy's the power. February 19.

Island boys. February 10.

Nice way to spend the afternoon. February 20.

Mom and boy kicking back. February 20.

The Gottliebs. February 20.

Ben's in charge. February 20.

Walking on the beach. February 20.

A mermaid and her son. February 20.

Fingers can be ever so tasty. February 20.

All this relaxing can wear a boy out. February 21.

All this relaxing can wear two boys out. February 22.

Lounging at Grace Bay. February 23.

Ben's private table. February 23.

Little toy people are ever so tasty. February 23.

The boy and dad. February 23.

Cold kicking it at Smokey's, waiting for cracked conch. February 23.

When we move to the Caribbean, you can find us here. February 23.