Images from November.

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Tom and Alice, Ben's first tutors! November 2.

Ben and Mom hanging out. November 2.

Ben loves the classics. November 3.

Plastic flowers is oh so tasty! November 6.

I can sit up on my own! November 6.

Ben and "Uncle" Lon have a man-to-man talk. November 6.

Ben can't decide which Bechtel's sundae to eat first. November 8.

Deep in thought. November 8.

Visiting with the Great Baba in PA. November 8.

Worn out from his visit to PA. November 9.

Dad has an afternoon snack! November 9.

Ben gets loopy in the UltraSaucer. November 9.

Ben gives Mom a great big kiss. November 9.

Ben's first subway ride. November 15.

Having fun at Lon's party. November 15.

Mirror, mirror. November 18.

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Steve stop by for a visit. November 18.

Ben yuks it up with MC. November 19.

Ben's first solid food -- BANANAS! November 21.

Aunt Wendy cuddles with her nephew. November 21

The Bests honing their parenting skills. November 23.

Taking in all the sights in Central Park. November 23.

You mean the sweet potatoes are supposed to go inside my mouth? November 26.

Uncle Oliver wonders about Ben's chew toy. November 29

Blue butterflies are a delicious treat! November 29.