Images from October.

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Benjamin and Mom, Oct. 6

Sleepy sleepy, Oct. 9

Gottlieb family in Cambridge, Oct. 11

Mom and Ben by the River Charles, Oct. 11

Ben likes SUSHI (in Boston)! Oct. 12

Dad and Ben are worn out! Oct. 13

Mom and Ben on the Train, Oct. 13

Riding the train from Boston in style, Oct. 13

There's always a new way to carry a baby, Oct. 13

It's getting colder, Ben gets bundled, Oct. 15

Practicing oratory with Julian and Ava, Oct. 15

Mom can't stop laughing when she sees this picture, Oct. 19

SMILE, Oct. 18

It's a happy time, Oct. 20

Someday dad hopes to be as tall as Benjamin, Oct. 22

Allie and Benjamin share some QT, Oct. 24

Ben takes his yoga very seriously, Oct. 27

Mom and Son, October 30.