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Ben contemplating life in his chair, September 2

More contemplation, September 2

Great Aunt Susan stops by to say hi, September 7

Ben fresh from the bath, September 7

Charlotte with Ben, September 10

Ben with "aunt" Elizabeth and "uncles" Paul, Zev and Lon, September 10

Ben and "Hugh's" very big lobster claw, September 10

Ben with Catharine, September 19

Goin' for a stroll, September 19

Neal and Andrea with Ben, September 21

Distracted at play, September 21

Mom and Ben counting toes, September 21

The Gottlieb boys about to go for an evening constitutional, September 21

Belly time in the crib, mucho fun! September 23

More late night walkin'? You bet! September 23

Relaxing in the big chair, September 25

BONUS PICTURE: Ben with Mom, July 22, ahhh the memories!